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SYM Fiddle III 200i Reviewed by Just Gotta Scoot

The fuel injected Fiddle III offers up a lot to like in a retro-themed mid-sized scooter. SYM continues to creep its way into the sweet spot of available scooters in North America and the past unpleasantness with the prior distributor has all but disappeared from public memory. Dealer support, parts availability, warranty, all are competing well with more established players. Value for the dollar on scooters like the Fiddle III is high and if you're shopping for a mid-sized scooter you would be well-advised to visit your local SYM dealer and take a close look at the Fiddle III...


Official SYM Fiddle III 200i Commercial Video Release

We are proud to release our new Fiddle III 200i commercial video in high definition.


2016 New Citycom S 300i's Arrived!

The new 2016 SYM Citycom S 300i arrives. The improved 278cc 4 valve fuel injection engine has more power and better efficient than before. The new Citycom S 300i also gets a lot of updates to increased comfort and convenience features, including...


SYM Debuts All New 2015 T2 250i

SYM today unveiled the all new 2015 T2 250i, the company first sport bike model features with 250cc Fuel Injection Engine with 4 Valve Ceramic-coated Cylinder.


Wolf Classic 150 Review

You and I get it: scooters are cool. That's why you're here, browsing Moto-USA's scooter reviews. But since we're friends, we can admit it: there's something a little geeky, a little square about riding a scooter. But we overlook that because scooters are just so fun, convenient and easy to ride...